Deep Fucking Cream Pie! - ToniKatVixen Length 8:35
I simply just wanted Torns cock. I want to tease it, taste it, suck it and get it hard. I could see the outline of his cock through his shorts.I unzipped his shorts and got it in my sight, it quickly went into my mouth. It tasted so good..feeling it get harder in my mouth, sucking it downstopping to lick his cocks head.sucking down the side of his shaft. I was so enjoying myself.I was thinking how good it would feel to make him cum in my mouth, but my pussy was throbbing. I needed his cock badly. I bent over, got my ass up high so he could fuck me deep and hard. I love it when he cums like that, but when it is that deep, it is harder for the camera to see it.grin ~Toni KatVixen
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