Sharkeisha sucks dick in the ride - hoodratjuice Length 8:37
im late with this update because i'm out of town so i'll keep this short. and even though i'm late doesn't mean that i'm not shooting new pussy out there. i found this hoodrat in my usual hunting grounds. it was easy to find her and get her in the car and she was talkative as hell when she got in. she was talking mainly about how she had a hustle where she was going to the same grocery store and stealing food over and over again. but then she decided to go to the same store yet again after she got caught once before. have y'all ever seen those magazines in the liquor stores in the ghettoes around the country where they feature the mugshots of the people most recently arrested?. well, that is her Sharkeisha. she was bragging that her photo was featured in one of those magazines. she would probably cut out and laminate her picture and carry it around with her if she could. but after she stopped talking, she got down to business. she put her ass up in their air and spread that pussy good. plus she gives a good blowjob also, which i videotaped of course.
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