Toni KatVixen and JaimeeRey - part 1 - ToniKatVixen Length 17:43
JaimeeRey was a very nice kisser. She kissed so softly, you know those soft kisses that teases, builds to expectations and leads up to more. But then watching two women kiss always leads to more…..grin My hands wandered while kissing and my mouth started to follow. I couldn’t resist her heavy natural tits. I love naturally big tits, they are so heavy and so soft……they are addicting to play with. They tasted so good to suck on them, to feel them in my mouth, to hold them in my hands and feel their warmth. I wander down further to her juicy lips. She had some big pussy lips that begged to be played with and showed off her pinkness so well. I had to play with her clit to tease her up and drive her nuts. My fingers teased her pinkness, sliding through her pussy folds and she got very wet…..grin I wasn’t complaining, I was licking it up….wouldn’t you? ~Toni KatVixen
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