Hot Dripping Cream Pie! - ToniKatVixen Length 10:55
There is something about getting down on my knees to suck on some delicious cock that is such a turn on. When it starts off soft in my mouth and hardens up so nicely, my mouth waters even more, my pussy gets wet and then I can’t make up my mind on whether I want to suck or get fucked……too many choices….grin But in the end, I really needed him to fuck me, and fuck me good. I require you to have your cock out for me, stroking it, pushing the precum out of it…..tasty…as you watch me get fucked. I love it when Torn bends me over to slid his hard cock in…..sliding it in and out, teasing me, driving me nuts….as you get to watch it, your balls tighten up as you wish it was you fucking me as my tits are swinging. I beg Torn to fuck me harder just before he leaves his hot messy load dripping out of my pussy and down my leg….it felt so hot and so slutty….knowing that you just came watching it….grin ~Toni KatVixen
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