Toni KatVixen has her Ass Ate Out!... - ToniKatVixen Length 9:07
This was a hot fun video to shot…..grin Torn hungrily tongued my ass once he saw me bent over ass in the air, at the same time he teased up my my pussy …giving me lots of hot attention that made my pussy pulsing and wanting so much more….it felt so damn good….would you be able to make me feel as good? Are you stroking your cock at that thought? The magic he did with his tongue and fingers made me so hungry for his cock. I got him standing so I can suck his cock down, stroke up his tasty precum….he tasted so good and hard that I didn’t want to stop….I loved working his cock, playing with his balls, teasing him with my tongue…. Is your cock getting even harder at the thought? Is your precum dripping? By now we are both wanting to fuck so bad….he bends me over and slides his hard cock into my thoroughly wet pussy…teases me with it, until he starts to fuck me hard as I ask for more…I didn’t want it to end it felt so damn good. Torn fuck me good and hard until his cock exploded with a massive load of hot cum dripping on my ass, down my pussy and leaving a big hot mess on the floor…..damn, it was intense….was your load just as messy? ~Toni KatVixen part 2
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