Toni KatVixen has a Toy and Cock... - ToniKatVixen Length 10:07
Here is the live action of me breaking in my new toy. It is called the wevibe, I put it in my pussy against both my g-spot and my clit and turn on the vibration. WOW….it really hits everything just right! It starts out kind of mellow and builds up to become intense. I really love my new toy…..grin If it was quiet enough I would wear it while going out, that is such a naughty thought, isn’t it? And what makes it even better, is that it is small and soft enough that I can get fucked at the same time! Torn was happy to oblige me…..grin Got my pussy and clit going good and his cock slids in from behind to fuck me…….I thoroughly enjoyed that. Torn fucked me good and gave me a very hot load on pussy……I should say a very messy big load….lol I look forward to doing it again soon….grin ~Toni KatVixen
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