Natural Bush 36 part 2 - Homegrown_Video Length 16:02
Harlot Fever is a fiery goth hottie who is trying out to be the "entertainment" at Rockulus's bachelor party. She shows off her hot leather outfit and latex come-fuck-me boots, then strips off her shirt to reveal perky little boobs with pierced hard nipples. She lays back so Rockulus can show her what to expect from his guests, and of course, so he can make sure they will be satisfied. He tongues Harlot's pierced clit, then tonguefucks her until she cums. Harlot, wanting to make sure she gets the gig, does a fantastic job convincing him with her mouth and tongue. Finally Rockulus takes the opportunity to slide his sizable cock into Harlot's furred pussy, and they fuck good and hard until he can't take it anymore. He splats his jizz all over her cute little ass, and all is well for the bachelor party plans!
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