Happy (Belated ) Valentines to You! part 2 - ToniKatVixen pics
Belated Happy Valentine’s Day! I found this little outfit that I thought you guys might enjoy. I loved how I looked in it…with my tits overflowing… pussy out and waiting to be played with. You love the tease……your cock is hardening, your balls are tightening, the precum is starting to pump. You are looking at my pussy lips wanting to dive in with your tongue, work in your fingers my hot pussy. But you aren’t here to do that…..grin I get out my new pink glass dildo to tease you. Slowly sliding it into me….feeling the coolness against my heat, it increases the intensity of the fucking….knowing that your hands are starting to work your cock even more....damn, that is a hot thought….I just have to fuck myself even harder…..grin ~Toni KatVixen part 2