Girls round (1)

Today is once again the much sought-after Greta Day. Greta is my best friend and once a month she invites our group of girls to brunch. We are a merry cloverleaf, all around 40, for whom this Saturday morning becomes a very special celebration. Greta, a voluptuous blonde, lives in a lovely penthouse on the river, equipped with every comfort. […]

Katrin and Martin in the boutique

19-year-old Katrin and 46-year-old Martin had been seeing each other regularly for three months now. You could say they were a couple. But they weren’t in love with each other, they were just incredibly horny for each other. Besides, Martin was still married to Frauke. Frauke, at 38, was almost 20 years older than Martin’s lover. Frauke looked at least […]