Birthday Swing

Birthday Swing

A colleague at work had invited me to his birthday party last weekend. Fortunately, exactly at the time when my wife was out of the house. So the celebration was just right for me, because I hoped for a little change from everyday routine. And that’s exactly what I experienced and what still gives me certain shivers of pleasure today.

Romantic hotel
Udo had chosen a location far away from the city, in the middle of the green. A small hidden hotel, but one that had a certain reputation. I arrived relatively late and the party, if you could call it that, was in full swing. My work colleague welcomed me, surrounded by lightly dressed young ladies, with a jovial laugh. And told me to just look around at my leisure and have a good time. Wow, I could not believe my eyes, because here it went live so to the point, as I knew it only from the Internet porn. The mood was pretty boisterous and the samba rhythms really heated up the whole place. Most guests were busy with sex in all variations, so I did not care much about me. Which was convenient for me. So I could go from room to room and satisfy my, a little latent, voyeuristic inclination.

Pretty dirty
Two good looking girls were doing it with each other. Right in front of an old guy who was thoughtfully jerking his thick cock and rolling his eyes with horniness. He gave them instructions again and again, what and especially how he wanted to see it. For a moment I paused and watched. Man, man, man, here went maybe times the post off.

When I thought of my marital sex life, I had to yawn involuntarily. The young red blonde with the small tits was taken by the mature brunette so right. Not only that the latter tongued and twirled the small fleshy nipples of the slender teen mouse until they almost trembled with excitement. No, at the same time she also drove her Venus delta to full speed and worked it with a small but efficient pleasure dispenser. But the old Peeping Tom was too little, he wanted more. Therefore, the milf should place the babe so that he had full view of her tight but dripping pussy. Greedily he fingered the young pretty pussy and then licked the fresh pussy juice from his fingers.

Of course, my lust level also rose with these images. My cock stood at attention in my pants and really only wanted the one. Hmmm, rarely had I experienced such a brilliant birthday party. Meanwhile, I had observed one or the other couple, but also constellations, where three or more went to the point. Loud moans alternated with sharp cries of pleasure. A tree-long guy tried with force to park his half-mast in an overripe cunt, which he also succeeded after several attempts. Completely in sex fever, I walked through the premises as if in a trance.

Shaved pussy
One floor up was the billiard room and just as I was about to enter it, I was greeted with a charming hello. Wow, that was a surprise: our blonde chief secretary, who would have thought it. In full splendor she presented herself on the pool table and just had her smoothly shaved pussy worked on. A young guy knelt down in front of her, spread her beautiful thighs and devotedly let his tongue glide over her plump labia. Meanwhile, a second massaged her plump melons, which had always fascinated me. Simply an overwhelming sight and I would have loved to tear down my pants and immediately joined in. Nevertheless, I was a little perplexed. Especially since I would not have immediately suspected employees of the top floors. But Sabine did not fackelt long, waved me lasciviously and invited me to the spontaneous gangbang. Horny was that, as the willing Fickst├╝ck lolling. Since I also lost the last inhibition, and pushed her my Strammen in the lustful mouth.

Good blowjob
Hmmmm, as a chief secretary Sabine was already capable, but as a talented blower she shot the bird. Rarely had a woman’s mouth given me such great pleasure. My sweetheart at home never wanted to give me this love service, licking and sucking was not in it. In addition, she still had a huge aversion to sperm, Sabine was just the opposite. When she had driven me to climax and I made her happy with loads of cum, she swallowed the full load. Then I was first flat and watched Sabine as she drove it with the other two guys.

One of them was in a hurry, sat down on the pool table and the dirty secretary positioned herself so that he could sink his spanking into her horny backdoor. Meanwhile, the other took her from the front and before I knew it, my genitals were also back in the position so appreciated by me. Horny, horny and horny again. Sabine let everything happen to her, even when one came with the golden shower number, she was immediately ready. Let the golden liquid splash over her tits and rubbed them with it even with pleasure.

At some point I staggered out into the open. After I had savored various sex games actively and passively, a certain exhaustion spread. Great party, great weekend and some erotic experiences richer. Outside it went to the point, but somehow I had lost the desire. The impressions had been too varied. I drove home, showered, lay down in bed and visualized the evening again in my mind’s eye.

Let’s see how it would go on in the company with the horny Sabine. But until then I could still keep my mental cinema running. I certainly do not lack imagination.