Girls round (2)

Girls round (2)

We roll our eyes at Greta’s direct manner, but I think silently: By the way, you can find guys everywhere, whether on dating sites, while shopping or at the quarry pond. You just have to signal to them that you’re ready unconditionally. If they don’t smell it already!” Breathlessly, we listen to Greta’s plea, shake our heads and think, well, it’s not that simple. “Fiddlesticks, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Countless unsatisfied men are on the way, there has ultimately every woman super chances. You just have to want it and then it works out! As soon as you have one on the hook, you will find that a fling is the optimal brightener for the gray everyday life.

Greta’s Sextoys
After we’ve inspected Greta’s sex toys and especially had a lot of exciting thoughts about a small string with pearls, the blonde enlightens us. “It was given to me once by a lover who always found it absolutely arousing how much I get off on anal sex.” The three of us all make astonished faces, especially me. So far, I have always read about anal eroticism, but never tried it myself. Ela and Carin feel the same way, although Ela emphasizes that she has never been able to warm up to it, unlike her partner. “No matter how you see it, I find it absolutely tingling. Sex through the backdoor with simultaneous stimulation of the pussy, so girls, this is pure pleasure!

Sextoy: Feel in the ass
I like to wear this necklace while shopping. On the one hand, I like this being filled, but on the other hand, I’m also excited by the thought that no one suspects what I have stuck in my tight channel. And that makes sooooo absolutely hot, you can not even imagine!” So today we are once again dealing with topics that I would never bring to the table, at least at home. And that’s exactly why I enjoy these girls meetings at Greta’s. In addition, today is a beautiful day, pleasantly warm, but not too hot and a light breeze caresses our bodies. Our blonde spokeswoman has now grabbed the lilac vibrator again and lets the impressive part rotate again.

“But now to this very special pleasure stick. Shall I demonstrate to you how tingly it spoils my pussy?” Ela giggles and says, go ahead, if she gets a live performance now, she doesn’t have to look at such a thing in the sex store or order it right away over the net. “But always happy to, my sweeties,” Greta opens her kimono, settles down in one of the petite wicker chairs and places the buzzing vibrator on her clean-shaven pussy. We are speechless and amazed once again at Greta’s permissiveness. As if in slow motion, she lets the whirring part rotate over her pleasure pearl, which stiffens and grows to an imposing size. A real dick en miniature, I think to myself and envy Greta for this privilege.

Put in the mouth
At that moment, the doorbell rings. “Are you expecting someone else?”, I ask, a little confused. Greta calmly turns off the vib, puts it in her mouth and enjoys her own pussy juice. Then she rises, closes the kimono more badly than well and heads for the entrance. We hear voices and not three seconds later a young guy stands in the living room, whom Greta introduces as Tom from her car repair shop. When he spies our merry circle, moreover the assortment of sex toys, he gets a red head as if on cue. We giggle silly and unabashedly inspect the guy, who doesn’t look so bad. What hadn’t Greta preached to us half an hour ago? Carpe Diem. “Tom, before you take my car, don’t you feel like a little refreshment?”

Greta has already maneuvered the mechanic into a free wicker chair and serves him a San Pellegrino. Then she introduces us in turn, points to the sex toys and says frivolously that he wouldn’t mind if she showed us one or the other. Tom is quite embarrassed about the clenched femininity, but the bulge in his crotch shows us exactly that he is very very horny about the whole thing. Greta doesn’t hesitate for long and goes into full swing. Slowly but unerringly she approaches her object of desire. Looks him deep in the eyes and promises an extremely soothing relaxation. Ela takes a deep breath, but then whispers to me that this is better than a dating workshop with some psycho chick. Carin, on the other hand, has positioned herself in her wicker chair as if she were watching a theater performance. Which starts right away, with Greta and Tom clearly being the actors. Greta has switched on the big vibrator again, which hums quietly and persistently. Now our friend squats down and positions the toy directly on Tom’s bump, which is visible through the canvas shorts.

The bump got bigger
Tom moans and stretches out his long legs. “Come on, open your little pants,” whispers Greta covetously, taking the pleasure stick and licking lightly over it, only to sink the part into her mouth immediately afterwards. “I have to go back to the workshop, wo…..”, the visibly distraught young mechanic doesn’t get any further. Our girlfriend interrupts him kindly but firmly. “Pants down, dick out!” The order was now unmistakable and he fulfills her demand immediately. He peels off his pants and boxers, then sinks willy-nilly into the chair. “Here girls, look at this horny strap, isn’t it stunning?” Before we even answer, Greta has shoved his cock into her big mouth. She sucks and licks, taking special care of his glans. “Come on Carin, taste his magnificent dick!” As horny as we are now, Carin doesn’t let us tell her twice. She almost swallows the big virile part while Carin spoils his filled balls….

Tom doesn’t get to the workshop anytime soon that afternoon. Each one of us had the honor to spoil his young horny boner. Greta makes us line up individually and gives the most detailed instructions as far as deepthroats are concerned. But ultimately she wants her sweet treat all to herself. “Girls, just make yourselves at home, nibble on the petit fours, enjoy the prosecco and make another latte or two. Tom and I, we’ll leave you all to yourselves for a bit, shall we?” With those words, she pulls the young guy behind her, straight into her bedroom.

When I get home later, my husband is still there. Against my expectations. I look deep into his eyes and say in my most seductive voice, “Can I give you a blowjob?”