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Katrin and Martin in the boutique

Katrin and Martin in the boutique

19-year-old Katrin and 46-year-old Martin had been seeing each other regularly for three months now. You could say they were a couple. But they weren’t in love with each other, they were just incredibly horny for each other. Besides, Martin was still married to Frauke. Frauke, at 38, was almost 20 years older than Martin’s lover.

Frauke looked at least five years younger than she actually was and Martin thought he really loved his wife. But sex with Frauke bored Martin. While Katrin regularly let Martin give her an anal, Frauke wouldn’t even give him a blowjob. In addition, Katrin had a small firm fig, as only very young chicks have. In addition, Katrin knew how to take Martin’s thick cock with her pussy muscles in such a way that it drove Martin crazy with lust.

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So Martin knew exactly what he had in his young permanently horny mistress. So it was only natural that he regularly gave Katrin nice gifts. Today was another day when they went shopping together in the city. Frauke was this weekend with her parents in the village. So Martin didn’t have to worry about being caught by her together with the pretty young thing.

Sucking in the dressing room

Martin and Katrin went to an exclusive women’s boutique where they wanted to look for some hot clothes for Katrin. Katrin’s eyes quite soon fell on a tiny sequined mini skirt that would perfectly show off her sexy ass and sinfully long legs.

They went together to a changing room, as Martin wanted to watch his young playmate put on the hot piece. But as soon as Katrin slipped out of her tight jeans and stood in front of him in a pair of purple lace panties, he got such a hard-on that he couldn’t help but unbutton his fly and take out his hard spanking. Katrin loved Martin’s thick, crooked cock. And when he now flashed such a powder-red glans at her, she immediately felt like sucking him off properly. So she knelt down on the floor in front of Martin, who was sitting on the bench in the cabin, and greedily began to suck the hard piston.

Lustfully she watched the two
The two were both so engrossed in this horny sucking that they didn’t even notice that they were being watched by the store owner through a thin gap in the curtain of the dressing room. The owner was a woman in her early fifties who ran her boutique alone. Since Katrin and Martin were her only customers in the store at the moment, the loud sucking sounds coming from the cubicle had quickly caught her attention. Now she was excitedly watching the young girl devotedly sucking off her clearly older boyfriend while he leaned his head back against the wall with his eyes closed.

The shopkeeper was a mature woman, who could definitely see her age, but who nevertheless – or perhaps because of it – looked extremely sexy. She had an amazingly good figure for her age: very slim, long legs, a small, shapely butt and all the larger plump breasts. Around her pretty big eyes, individual small wrinkles appeared and also around her sensual, dark red made-up mouth, deep laugh lines had already cut into the skin. These were now twisted into a lecherous grin, while she unabashedly ran a hand down her blouse and massaged her thick breasts.

Is this going to be a threesome
When Martin opened his eyes again, he first got a huge fright when he discovered the woman standing in front of the booth. But when the lady stroking her tits looked at him with a challenging look, Martin had to grin hornily. He cheekily pointed his head downwards, where Katrin was still devotedly sucking off his hard boner. The MILF did not ask twice and now stepped briskly into the cabin. Now Katrin also noticed that there was someone else, stopped sucking cock and looked irritated into the shopkeeper’s face.